“It’s one of those bikes that makes you think, ‘I’ve got this,’ time after time, no matter how treacherous the trail ahead appears. Feel like taking that cheeky inside line, the one with the nearly ninety-degree exit? Or would you rather go wide, blazing a round, clean arc on the very edge of the trail? In either case, the Slash is an unflinching machine, no matter how hard it’s pushed.”

“The Slash’s blistering speed and downhill wizardry helped propel it to the front of the pack in the battle for Mountain Bike of the Year, along with the fact that it’s a sign of the future in both the enduro and the DH race worlds. There’s no doubt that 29ers have left their awkward adolescent stage far behind, and in 2017 it was the Slash that epitomized just how capable they’ve become.”

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